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I'm a web developer and photographer passionate about responsive and clean design. I also love to travel.

Sleek. Clean. Professional.


Certified in WordPress Madness, I get down to the code buried at the bottom to make sure each site is unique.


Creating a website that is optimized for search engines is key to growing your company. Whether you’re a personal blog, company, or non profit organization, optimizing for search engines means more people hear your message.

HTML5 Ready

Clean & semantic HTML5 ensures your website is up to date and professional under the hood.

What's Up

I love my world to be sleek and clean. My name is Collin Berg, and I am passionate about solving problems through structured design. I’m obsessed with creating websites that are quick and feel natural to navigate.

What I've been working on...

SEO Basics: How to do Social Media

The following is an article written by my colleague, Austin Fogt. He’s worked with organizations in a number of ways, ranging from helping them set up social media for the first time, to running ad campaigns and growth campaigns on … Continued

SEO Basics: Code and Website Optimzation

Once you finished your Keyword research, you should have a list of 70+ keywords and phrases that you’re ready to use through out your site’s content. Armed with this list, you can put those keywords and phrases in the following … Continued

SEO Basics: Keywords

This article is for everyone. You may have a small business with a website your nephew built. You may be the nephew about to build your uncle’s┬ásmall business rad website. I’ll run down what SEO is, basic setup and principles. … Continued

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