Hey! I’m Collin.

I enjoy hiking, trying new food, traveling, and photography.

As long as I can remember, I’ve been hooked on computers. My parents owned a Macintosh Perfoma and used netscape as my first browser when exploring the early internet.

I went to Oklahoma Wesleyan University and earned a BS in Communications, with an emphasis in Web Development. While there, I also found the love of my life and sweet wife

After graduating, I spent a few years working for BitBrilliant and Station8 Branding, launching a data driven approach to Search Engine Optimization and site analytics.

I’m currently working with SJI Associates in New York City, creating great web experiences and helping improve brand awareness online for companies like PBS, HBO, and New York Landmark Conservancy

The Developer

If you have any questions, feel free to email or tweet at me.

This website is my playground, a sandbox, my personal Pandora’s box. I’ve been building and tearing it down over the past 3 years in my journey to learn web development. It started with a basic html static site during my junior year. In early of 2014, I finally moved it over to WordPress and began crafting my personal theme based of Sage.