I should probably update

Its been almost a year since I published a tutorial, aka “This was a problem I overcame and want to remember how i fixed it so i don’t have to google it”. So far I’ve only ever published these tutorials. But if you were to look at the backend of my site, you’d see almost half a dozen unfinished “update” blog posts.

I’m going to change that.

Not sure anyone other than my close friends have even visit and look at this site, aside from when I was interviewing for jobs in my big move from OK to NY. So i’m not sure who I’m writing to, possibly another person in the future who might want to hire me, or another developer who just so happen to have the same problem I had, but thanks for reading.

Since my last post, I left my nice cozy job in cozy Oklahoma and moved across the country with my wife. We left our cozy life and exchanged it for the hectic, crazy, busy world of NYC. So here we are, almost a year later and we haven’t been jumped, robbed (other than our monthly rent), slighted by anything.

In the past year, I’ve learned a lot, and I’ll probably write a post about it like “5 things I learned moving from the midwest to the city, #4 will surprise you”. But today I thought i would answer the most common questions I get.

Q. Whats it like living in NYC
A. Like living in a freshman dorm again, but with the energy level of your senior year. Its’ really fun but also really exhausting. I get to do stuff I never thought I’d get to do, like watch the New York Symphony, Opera, or take my dog for a walk in central park. But with that comes more responsibilities, like doing laundry at a laundry matte or getting groceries in smaller trips.

Q. What’s you’re favorite part of living in the city?
A. Walking to anything. Living in the city makes me wish we ditched our car-centered travel. I love being able to walk to the grocery store, restaurant, laundry matt, and Walgreens. Also walking in Central Park can be relaxing if you stay above 72nd.

Q. Wheres the best food?
A. I have no idea. I mainly eat in my neighborhood. If you’re visiting, i don’t know where to eat in Midtown and below, other than Halal Guys. In my neighborhood, Patsy’s has great pizza, Two lizards has great Mexican, Seamstress has great drinks.

Q. What’s it like working in Advertising and working in NYC?
A. Nothing like Madmen, except for the part where they pitch a billion ideas to a client and they go with one that you didn’t like the most. I work with a great group of creative individuals and their talent is definitely top notch. Some of the best developers and designers live here in the city. It’s intimidating, but if you can get in the door, most are willing to work with you, and inspire you.

Q. Do you ever need a car?
A. I ride the subway to and from work almost ever day. Its not awful, just different. If you can get a seat it makes it more enjoyable. I’ve not yet really run into a situation where a car was wanted or needed. My only exception is when we want to “get away from the city” to camp or something.

Q. How do you meet friends?
A. My wife. And thank God for her. She’s amazing. I’m the only person in their 20’s or 30’s in my office, so we mainly find other couples to hang with form her work. If not for her, I’d probably be alone watching too much tv and video games.