COVID19 Diary: Week 5

At this point I’ve stopped keeping track daily of the infections and deaths. Part of it is testing limits restrict getting accurate numbers, the other part is that it’s exhausting to try and keep up now.

It’s hard to believe that this has been the standard for a month now. I think i might be in the minority when I say that each day goes by faster than the last. At this point, every weekly update brings less changes. Deaths in our state are starting to plateau, but Amanda’s hospital is still over capacity. They’ve resorted to putting beds in lobbies and hallways.

This week we also celebrated by dad’s birthday via zoom! It seems we’re video calling friends or family at least once a week during all of this.

Thank You

Thank you Preston and Alicia for sending us a fantastic care package, Dante absolutely enjoys his new toy. The hand cream and skin care bundle are also something all healthcare workers appreciate a lot. Thank you!

Lisa and her daughters also sent us a delicious care package. Thank you for thinking of us and supporting us!

My dad was busy working his 3D printer making mask holders, so that the strings to go around ears and chafe them.