I didn’t get a lot done this year. I saw a thread on twitter, asking to “retweet with your top 3 personal achievements”. I had launched a website in early February, but beyond that, I wasn’t exactly super productive.

That’s Ok. I started working at home 40 weeks ago. A NYC apartment is not the ideal situation to begin remote working. No desk – just a kitchen table (for the first 6 months). No office chair – just a wooden chair and then eventually the couch. Just a Macbook Air,

2020 by the numbers


I think the season of cruise control is over for me now.

Deliberateness. When I look back at the last year, the highlights came about when I cut through my anxiety, and took deliberate action. In a big example, in 2019, I ran my first half-marathon. For a small example, I found myself having a much better day if I stayed with my morning routine, even if the only thing on my schedule was a 10am check-in at work.

I could write a lot about the brilliant work of Brandon Sanderson’s newest book and the themes in it.