Developers sometimes get questions about their “set up” or what gear they tend to use. While gear and setup is never the end-all-be-all, it can be helpful when looking for upgrading.


Laptop – 2017 Macbook Air.

Monitor – 22in Asus Monitor (I got it around 2012 in college and it gets the job done)

Raspberry Pi 3B – Used for running a small Plex Server in my home, so that I can stream my extended LOTR & it’s commentary anywhere. I have a clear Cana case that i got off Amazon.

Software / Apps

Local by FlyWheel – Local WordPress Development made super easy. I’ve used Mamp, Vagrant, Devkit by WPE and Local is by far the easiest to maintain and setup.

Atom – A decent lightweight text editor from Github. The side-panel that integrates with git and Github comes in handy for small projects.

Coda 2 by Panic – I use this text editor less now days but it did serve me well through the years. The bookmark feature and caching files local for editing means you can quickly cowboy code a site in a pinch. They have a new edtior called Nova, but I haven’t tried it yet.