Creating External Link for Admin Submenu

Have you ever wanted to add a submenu that didn’t link to a page you created? A while back, a client requested a link to a particular view and arrangement of a table in admin area of WordPress. To the

Font Awesome 4.2.0 fixes for Firefox

Font Awesome is a great icon resource and I encourage everybody to give it a try at least once. It’s my go to icon set whenever I’m using social media links on a website. One problem people run in to

Using Google Docs for hosting Forms

I use WordPress a lot for the CMS of a site that I’m building or working on. This has come with it’s ups and downs.Obviously the ups are way to much larger than the downs for the most part, or

Bootstrap Sticky Footer

Every few once in a while, I have end up working on a website page for a site that doesn’t have enough content on it. The site looks great, the content and styles are really working together, but then theres