Page Transitions in WordPress with SmoothState

SmoothState.js is a javascript library that adds transitions between pages on your site using AJAX. I use it on this site to help create a more seamless experience when going through pages. Aside from transitions, it can also be used to

Fading Carousel for Bootstrap 3.3

Out of the box, bootstraps Carousel slides from one frame item to the next. This is great for traditional images or slides, but sometimes you want the same functionality, just different presentation. With this snippet, you can turn that carousel

Three ways to diagnose a broken WordPress site.

When working on a site, sometimes an a rogue plugin or caching problem can take your whole site offline with little to no indicator as to what caused it. Here are a few places to check if your site breaks.

Adding a class to an item in an array in Javascript

Recently I was asked to help finish up a website that had a list of events on it. Using Ajax, you could explore events from months past, and if the event required a ticket, there was a button right there

Most Trusted WP plugins for 2015

I’ve been developing Wordpress websites now for four years. During that time I’ve created my own plugin, worked on some theme frameworks and been apart of teams that built simple blogs and universities. Heres a list the top 10 plugins that

Command Line Basics Cheatsheet

If you’re looking to learn a new programming language, Treehouse is a fantastic learning resource and one that I use the most when learning the basics of something new. Earlier this year, I branched out and started working inside the Mac

SEO Basics: How to do Social Media

The following is an article written by my colleague, Austin Fogt. He’s worked with organizations in a number of ways, ranging from helping them set up social media for the first time, to running ad campaigns and growth campaigns on

SEO Basics: Code and Website Optimzation

Once you finished your Keyword research, you should have a list of 70+ keywords and phrases that you’re ready to use through out your site’s content. Armed with this list, you can put those keywords and phrases in the following

SEO Basics: Keywords

This article is for everyone. You may have a small business with a website your nephew built. You may be the nephew about to build your uncle’s small business rad website. I’ll run down what SEO is, basic setup and principles.

Local SEO basics

You own a small business. It could be a restaurant or coffee shop, or you run a small auto repair shop. You already have a website but you’ve heard about this mysterious cheap marketing thing called SEO. Local SEO relies heavily