SEO Basics: How to do Social Media

The following is an article written by my colleague, Austin Fogt. He’s worked with organizations in a number of ways, ranging from helping them set up social media for the first time, to running ad campaigns and growth campaigns on

SEO Basics: Code and Website Optimzation

Once you finished your Keyword research, you should have a list of 70+ keywords and phrases that you’re ready to use through out your site’s content. Armed with this list, you can put those keywords and phrases in the following

SEO Basics: Keywords

This article is for everyone. You may have a small business with a website your nephew built. You may be the nephew about to build your uncle’s small business rad website. I’ll run down what SEO is, basic setup and principles.

Local SEO basics

You own a small business. It could be a restaurant or coffee shop, or you run a small auto repair shop. You already have a website but you’ve heard about this mysterious cheap marketing thing called SEO. Local SEO relies heavily

Creating Custom Google Maps for Businesses

When creating a website for a local business, more often than not I include a google map. It’s a great easy way for people who visually see where the business is located. However there are a few reasons why just embedding

Creating Custom Excerpts based on paragraphs

With a few of my clients, they wanted more than the standard excerpt. They wanted to display a paragraph or two of the post. without echoing out a whole post in an archive or landing page. Now WordPress has great

Creating External Link for Admin Submenu

Have you ever wanted to add a submenu that didn’t link to a page you created? A while back, a client requested a link to a particular view and arrangement of a table in admin area of WordPress. To the

Font Awesome 4.2.0 fixes for Firefox

Font Awesome is a great icon resource and I encourage everybody to give it a try at least once. It’s my go to icon set whenever I’m using social media links on a website. One problem people run in to

Using Google Docs for hosting Forms

I use WordPress a lot for the CMS of a site that I’m building or working on. This has come with it’s ups and downs.Obviously the ups are way to much larger than the downs for the most part, or

Bootstrap Sticky Footer

Every few once in a while, I have end up working on a website page for a site that doesn’t have enough content on it. The site looks great, the content and styles are really working together, but then theres