Covid and New York City

I’ve tried finishing this twice now. Writing is hard. It’s been a long time since i did a weekly diary for COVID. The last 5 months 7 months drastically changed the US, and NYC. As it stands now, we have

COVID19 Diary: Week 5

At this point I’ve stopped keeping track daily of the infections and deaths. Part of it is testing limits restrict getting accurate numbers, the other part is that it’s exhausting to try and keep up now. It’s hard to believe

COVID19 Diary: Week 4

Currently the US has 325,000 cases with 122,056 in NY state and 67,551 in the City itself. The country as a whole has begun to shift mindsets and realize that this is not the flu, and it is not going

COVID19 Diary: Week 3

Currently the US has 140,000 cases with 60,679 in NY state. Sunday, March 22nd, was the first day of PAUSE, meaning all non-essential businesses have to stop. Sadly, this means that our favorite Fruit Stand closed up.  All of the

COVID19 Diary: Week 2

I’m writing this again on Saturday, at the end of the week. Currently the US has 24,665 cases, with 11,645 in NY state and 7,800 in the City itself. The City itself has really taken the social Isolation to heart

COVID19 Diary: Week 1

I’m going to start doing a diary of whats happening daily, at this point NYC might be put under heavy quarantine so a journal might be interesting if things hit the fan. If you find this interesting hit me up

I’ve Decided to Get Healthy

EDIT: I Finished! i did the half Marathon in 2 Hours and 50 Minutes. About 2 months ago, my wife came home and informed me that she had signed both of us up for a half marathon. So my wife

I should probably update

Its been almost a year since I¬†published a tutorial, aka “This was a problem I overcame and want to remember how i fixed it so i don’t have to google it”. So far I’ve only ever published these tutorials. But

6th Day Project

Web Development has been an ever growing part of my life for the past three years. As I dove deeper into the rabbit hole during my 2nd year of college, I began to love the structure and rules that programming